Parish Council

The Parish Council is a ministry whose mission is to serve our Church.  When taking the Oath of Office, the Parish Council Makes a commitment to faithfully and sincerely uphold the Doctrines of our Greek Orthodox Faith as well as the Charter and Regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.  As head of our Parish, our Parish priest is the guiding force in all Church Ministries.

The Parish Council is considered a leader of the community entrusted to make positive decisions in moving our Church forward.  The Council is comprised of lay people,  educators,  and those with business and legal backgrounds.  All Council members bring to the table a considerable array of knowledge. 

The St. Athanasius Parish Council is comprised of 17 members each holding a term of 2 years.  Each year either 10 or 9 members will have fulfilled their 2 year commitment and an election is held replacing those leaving the Council.  

2024 Council


President: Stefanos Bouboulis
1st Vice President: S. Nicholas Kriketos
2nd Vice President: Michael Terzakis
Treasurer: Peter Gennis
Treasurer 1: Tony Sgouros
Treasurer 2: Nicole VanKuilenburg
Treasurer 3: Eleni Pesiridis
Secretary:  George Gavrielidis
Assistant Secretary: Maria Fournier

Board Members

Kostas Arvanitis, Tony Dakopoulos, Chris Dimas, Dean Ioakimidis, Gary Makredes, Elias Patoucheas, Nikitas Splagounias, and Peter Stanitsas

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