Anastasia (Ann) and George C. Dimitrakis Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Everett Ypsilantis who has been awarded the George C. and Ann Dimitrakis Memorial Scholarship for 2018!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Scholarship History

The George C. and Anastasia (Ann) Dimitrakis Memorial Scholarship was established at the St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church with a generous gift of $100,000 by the late Ann Dimitrakis, in loving memory of her spouse, George C. Dimitrakis. George and Ann Dimitrakis were faithful stewards and communicants at the St. Athanasius Church.  The scholarship annually recognizes academic excellence in a student(s) who has been an active member of the   St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church community.

St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church of Arlington has established the Scholarship Awards Committee for the purpose of administering this scholarship. The Awards Committee, at its discretion and consistent with the specifications of the Trust Agreement, will award a scholarship(s) to that high school graduating senior(s) with an exemplary record of academic excellence and service to the St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox parish.

Eligible applicants must meet all of the following requirements: (1) be in their senior year of high school; (2) complete in full all application forms (typed) and provide all requested information; (3) family must be stewards of St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church for three successive years (if one year has been missed, applicant’s family has the opportunity to become current for that year); (4) must have been accepted to a full-time course of study at an accredited 4-year college or university. Applications will not be reviewed if each of the aforementioned requirements has not been met.

Announcement of the application recipient(s) will be made in June.  Awards will be disbursed in October and only after the student has provided to the Awards Committee an official confirmation of enrollment from the Registrar’s Office of the university/college.

Please visit the parish website at ( for all application materials and application instructions. Application information is only available online.

Awards Committee

Eleni Carayannopoulos              Betty Paganis

Dennis P. George, Jr.                Alexa (Zevitas) Adams                       

Melanie Marken                        Rev. Fr. Anthony Evangelatos